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Bulk SMS for business is the most cost-effective, powerful, and immediate form of customer communication. With 90% of messages read within the first three minutes, our online messaging platform and SMS portal provides unmatched reach and scale for large organizations worldwide. Whether you’re sending bulk promotional voucher campaigns or click-to-collect reminders, our real-time mobile messaging capabilities allow you to deliver a personalized experience


SMS features for your businesses

Send bulk SMS marketing campaigns, improve customer support with two-way conversations, or streamline manual tasks. Integrate seamlessly with your existing business software or use our SMS platform.

Operational efficiency

Use messaging to automate customer interactions and improve the efficiency of processes. We offer SFTP for data transfer and bulk forwarding and connection uploads.

Get hands-on support

Get access to an account manager who understands your SMS needs and can advise you on SMS best practices. Get a dedicated virtual number for sending. Our SMS experts have worked across many industries and used opportunities – you'll be in great hands.

Manage permission levels

Ensure compliance by creating pre-approved SMS templates and workflows and controlling sending permissions. Plus, you can audit changes with user logs, timestamps, and real-time activity logs.

Review engagement analytics

A powerful, ready-to-use reporting dashboard lets you know who is responding to SMS campaigns. In addition to SMS analytics such as delivery, churn and open rates, you can gain insights to refine your approach for better results.

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