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Do you need professional voice services? We’ll take care of everything, you just have to tell us what you need and we’ll get to work on your project, whether it’s a professional voice for an advertisement, a narrator for a documentary, a speaker for a telephone system, or several voices in different languages for a corporate video. Do you need our voice-over services? We’d love to work with you!


Professional voice-over recording

Our professional voice-over recording services include voice-over for television ads and spots, radio ads, corporate videos, documentaries, phone systems, e-learning courses and tutorials, audio guides, audiobooks, video games, and animation.

Find voice overs for every purpose

Commercials & Advertising

Presentation & educational

Product videos

Character & Videogames

Audiobook & Podcasts

Why choose Us
Why choose SACIT?

We guarantee high-quality creatives for projects of all sizes and volume.

Flexible budget

We work with a wide network of professional voice actors allowing us to always offer the right rate for your production. We find the right talent for your project and make sure you stay on budget.

The Right voice

We can produce a voice-over in your desired language, accent, age, and gender of the voice-over talent.

Instant syncing

To perfect your sync, adjust the timing and speed of the speech, and best of all, save time from doing countless iterations. You can give detailed feedback at any point on the video timeline.

Private platform

As with all the audio productions on our platform, we provide a safe and private environment to work on your productions.

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Mon-Sun 8am - 6pm
Mon-Sun 8am - 6pm
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