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SACIT offers the best managed dedicated server solutions for your business needs. Available with Linux or Windows operating systems, our dedicated servers come with Proactive Sonar Monitoring™ and ServerSecure hardening.

We offer single and dual processor dedicated servers. Choose between self-managed, basic managed, and fully managed dedicated server hosting plans based on your business and support needs.

Helping you monitor your servers, minimize risk and optimize performance: Hosting’s most helpful people 24/7/365 help you find the best-dedicated server web hosting solutions that meet your needs.

Hosting that’s totally dedicated and fully loaded.

Our VPS hosting puts you in the driver’s seat with the tools and resources to build incredible websites.

Extreme speed

Each server is custom-built using the latest open source technology, allowing the flexibility to upgrade performance over time.

Storage upgrades

You can increase the available storage on your server on-the-fly, in real-time, without any server admin assistance.

Free SSL certificate

An SSL provides a secure connection to your website, allows for eCommerce, and protects personal information.

Root access

Advanced user? Optional full root access gives you unlimited access to perform custom installations and more.

RAID storage

Our high-quality storage configuration uses RAID1, mirroring your data for improved security and protection.

30-day money back guarantee

Within the first 30 days of service, you can cancel for a full refund of hosting fees. Restrictions apply.

Frequently asked questions

A dedicated server or computer server is a machine that allocates all its hardware resources to the user. Unlike a virtual server, which allocates a portion of resources to the virtualization technology, a dedicated server gives you its RAM, storage, and computing power. This technology can be applied to cloud computing, where dedicated servers are called ‘bare-metal’. This type of solution emphasizes the physical availability of server hardware resources, as opposed to services based on virtual instances.

Control, privacy and guaranteed resources are the primary benefits of both VPS hosting and dedicated hosting. However, dedicated servers are not shared with other users, so the performance of a dedicated server customer website is stable and predictable. Customers with high-traffic websites are often best suited for dedicated hosting.

VPS hosting users have allocated resources just like dedicated hosting users, however, the number of resources available on VPS servers may still not be what a website needs. For example, VPS servers often start with 2GB of RAM, while Dedicated servers often start with at least 4GB of RAM. In short, dedicated hosting allows for the full customization and control of a VPS server, but with even more horsepower.

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