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If you’re a developer, designer or system administrator with experience managing a server – looking for full control of your hosting environment – our self-managed VPS hosting is a strong fit. You get full root access with SSH keys for full control, as well as the command line for flexibility and power. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of scalable performance options with flexible server configurations.

Top uses for VPS-level control

Web Hosting

If your current web host is a letdown or simply not keeping up with your growing traffic, it might be time to consider getting a virtual private server.


Ensures eCommerce sites run fast enough to keep visitors around. Plus resources can easily be scaled up as the business grows.

heavy App & e-mail use

Allows multiple processes to take place without slowing down your site. Also, enjoy no limits on outgoing emails per hour or domain.

Test Environment

Provides users root access to a blank testing and deployment environment without having to pay a ton of moolah.


VPS's processing power and RAM take the load off personal computers and ensure gaming runs smooth as butter.

If you’re looking for control, you just found it.

Our VPS hosting puts you in the driver’s seat with the tools and resources to build incredible websites.

Host unlimited domains and websites

Fill your VPS to capacity, with full access to divide and organize your server environment as you see fit.

Dedicated Power

Your server resources are yours alone, and every plan comes with the RAM, CPU and storage to get the job done.

One simple dashboard

All the tools to manage your websites, analyze performance and more are on one easy-to-use VPS dashboard.

Unlimited Bandwidth

There are no limits on the amount of traffic your VPS websites can receive so long as your website complies with our Acceptable Use Policy.

24/7 VPS Support

No matter what kind of question you have, we've likely handled it before. Our team of experts are always ready and willing to assist you.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

Much faster than standard SATA disk drives, we provide all virtual private servers with high performance SSD hard drives for lightning fast performance.

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